The Best Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System

Done For You Affiliate Marketing System

Hey everyone, today we are going to talk about the best done for you Affiliate Marketing System. Now I have been on the hunt for the best opportunity that s completely done for you. I don’t want to waste time setting up autoresponders and doing any other kind of finagling, if that is a word, in setting up money making opportunities online.

Best Done For You Affiliate Marketing System Hands Down

So the last couple days I have really been exploring these one time purchase affiliate programs where they pay 100% commissions peer to peer – so they pay you directly through PayPal, Cash App, or any payment processor that you choose. 

You will only pay one time in the membership you choose and then you typically will pay a small fee to the admin which is pretty much the owner of the company. All right, so I am going to talk about the three one time purchase affiliate programs with instant commissions and then I’m going to talk about something that is truly done for you. 

One: List Infinity

So the first one is list infinity, and this is one of the first ones I signed up with that has 100% commissions and people sign up and pay you directly through PayPal or I think Stripe so it is a really cool program. 

You can get $10 payments, and/or you can get $100 payments instantly through your PayPal. This system helps you set up an email list. So here is where it gets a little complicated. You have to set up in AWeber or Getresponse or I think they have LeadsLeap now. 

So, you have to set up the autoresponder. So that right there is going to – a lot of beginners are going to be like no I don’t want to set up anything. Luckily I had a strong desire to build a list because you need a list in affiliate marketing to follow up with your leads – that will greatly increase your conversion rate and make you more money. 

List Infinity Cons

Now the problem with list infinity is when I set up my Aweber I didn’t do it properly and so I missed three to five members signing up through me. Instead they signed up with the actual company and not me. 

Now it is probably my fault but I have seen other people talk about this issue as well in the Facebook group. It could be aWeber’s fault. I don’t know, I am not blaming anyone. 

All I know is that it was not 100% seamless and it was not a smooth thing for me. I then just finally switched to getresponse because I had an account with them because of another program, which I will get into in a minute. 

So now I am using Getresponse with this. But I am still waiting for conversions through that funnel. So it was kind of a headache, but I did make good money when things did finally get in order. 

Two: Infinity Processing System

Now moving on to the next system that pays 100% commissions is Infinity Processing System. They have been around for only a few months as well, I believe maybe a year. 

I don’t know but these guys are really popular right now. They have three joining options: $50, $150, or $300. Now with a $300 level, I heard that you have an autoresponder that emails your leads for 30 days. 

So I was like alright, this is great. I want to sign up at the $300 level. But I just found out that you still have to do the work. You still have to copy and paste the email swipes that they give you and plug them into an autoresponder. So it is truly not done for you. Okay, so I haven’t joined this program as of yet and I don’t know if I will. 

Three: Digital Wealth Pros

Moving on to number three. This is Digital Wealth Pros and they just launched literally last month. They are the talk of the town with all the affiliate marketers on YouTube. 

Then again, I asked if this was 100% done for you and they said no, you have to do 20% of the work. So these guys have three joining options as well. They have a $200, $400 or $800 levels now. 

Here is the thing with digital wealth pros: their admin fee is a little steep for the first two membership levels, the $200 and the $400, the admin fee is $97, and for the $800 level it is $197!

Now I understand that this system is really robust and well done. They also have a call center that literally calls your leads for you – and while they are talking to your leads, they email you saying that they are contacting your lead. 

Digital Wealth Pro Cons

One of the things I think will slow down the sign-up rate for DWP is you also have to call a 800 Number to sign up and give the call center the sponsor ID number you want to join. 

I think that is a little too much of a process to join. But who knows, you know what if you get enough leads talking to the call center, it could have a tremendous conversion rate. But again, this is not 100% done for you. 

Truly Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System: OLSP

All right. Moving on to a program that is 100% Done For You is called OLSP/Traffic Domination. I have been with these guys for a few months. I just now became a dominator. 

The Dominator membership is $47 or $99 a month depending on when you sign up. What is great about these guys, is you get your own link for one. Now you get your own link, so you can start promoting it right away. 

OLSP Pays You To Join

The other thing is if you go through this bootcamp over here on the left, they will put $20 of commissions into your commission tab. That is great. So just going through the videos, they pay you $20. 

Now of course you have to hit a $50 threshold to pull out the money, but I really liked that they pay you to go through the training. It’s a great incentive, and you know nothing is absolutely for free. You have to put in the work. It is not that hard to make $30 more to pull out the $50. 

OLSP Provides the Leads

What I really liked about the dominator level and OLSP is that they give you 50 to 100 leads every single month and these people are converting on their own. 

I do not have to email them, I do not have to copy and paste email swipes. They have a follow up system already built in and autoresponder. They have a sales team that closes your leads. They have mentors that you can schedule a one on one mentorship training call if you want. You don’t have to talk to anyone. 

I opted out of one-on-one mentoring. I just wanted to share my link and start making money. But they do reach out to my list every single day. All right. If the leads opt in or click on one link in one of those emails, the follow up system is forever until they opt out. 

The other thing I love about the OLSP system is anything you promote in this platform is cookied to you for life. There are no 30 day or 90 Day cookies, meaning if you share a webinar on your Facebook to this program and someone signs up through it a year from now you are still going to get the commissions.

Other programs you only get a 30 day cookie after 30 days even if you share your link you don’t get the commissions. So I like the cookies for life in this program. 

There are plenty of other things inside OLSP to grow your social media. There’s comment domination where you can help your Facebook posts go viral by having other members on this platform comment on your Facebook post which helped them go viral. They also have that for YouTube and for Instagram. 

They also have a whole ton of other products. Okay, if you go to TD products, they have chatmat profits, PPC shortcut, link bypass, commission lead machine, they also have a VIP program, which is a $6,500 lifetime program membership to OLSP 

So if you get someone under you that signs up to the VIP, you’re gonna make anywhere from $1000 to $3,000 commissions. So this is truly a high ticket affiliate program. 

So that is pretty much it. There are many different programs and if you go over here to commission generators there are going to be webinar replays with your own personal link embedded into the link. 

So if you share any of these replays on your Facebook or anywhere you want, see you get your own links right here. If you share those on Facebook or whatever and someone watches the webinar and buys anything, you’re gonna get a commission. So you can literally just share these replays on your social media and if anyone clicks on it and buys something you get a commission. 

Best Done For You Affiliate Marketing System Conclusion

So the OLSP system is absolutely mind blowing. I have made good money with this, as a newbie affiliate marketer, I have made good money with this for doing nothing – literally just sharing my link under Tiktok videos and I have made $400. I have only been a dominator for only a month so I am not bragging about huge money yet, but I will! So click the link under here to see Our Best Opportunities and thanks for reading!

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