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Welcome to Cheap MLM Leads Online! I have been a network marketer for the past 7 years and have been full-time for the last five. I have made multiple six-figures in MLM simply by generating enough leads. I am introverted by nature and didn’t like what old school leaders were teaching their recruits.

Cheap MLM Leads Online

I was bull-headed and didn’t want to do 3-way calls, go to meetings, throw on house parties, or talk to everyone 3 feet around me. I did try called some leads in the beginning (and got hung up on a lot!) and tried prospecting a half naked man in the sauna (boy, that was uncomfortable) and realized I had to carve a different path.

I discovered attraction marketing and content marketing – which basically meant creating blog articles and Youtube videos and waiting for them to rank number one on Google. I looked up to MLM bloggers who created content, so I started to do the same thing.

Luckily, I loved writing, but quickly got burnt out after my 200th article! I was getting jealous of the extroverted MLM’ers who had thousands of connections on Facebook they could easily recruit. I felt slimy even mentioning my mlm in fb messenger.

So instead, I spammed thousands of MLM facebook groups and got thrown into fb jail. I also got kicked off of Twitter every other week. So, I didn’t think social media worked for introverts, until I stumbled onto something using direct message in Twitter.

I was using a following software to follow a ton of people on Twitter. It also had an option to direct message all my new followers automatically. I added a message that basically said: “We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs who want to work from home (my landing page link)”

That was it! Then I followed a 1000 people a day on seven accounts (back in the old days you could follow a lot more). So, hundred of people read that message and I got around 20 leads per day. It took a lot of leads just to get one signup because I was basically spamming anyone who read the message.

The bottom line is, you need to generate leads from people who are actually looking for a home-based business. If you’re just spamming everyone then you are going to get a lot of tire kickers. That’s MLM 101. If you want quality people signing up with you and staying in, you want to attract people that have done network marketing before.

However, instead of bashing your head against a wall like I did for so many years, there is a faster way and that is simply buying leads. However, most leads are $2 to $4 each and they are typically not exclusively yours. Also, it could take 100 to 200 of those leads to get one paid sign up. That’s $200 to $800 in leads!

However, I found a platform that gives you 100 leads a day for $1 a day! These leads are not exclusively yours but if your email is powerful enough you could get a few signups. On top of that you can promote the lead platform itself and earn an extra $100 for every 5 people that sign up on your platform, on top of the commissions for the sign-ups.

Click the link below to see it. This is something I have personally used for the last two years and people are buying it again like hotcakes. Everyone needs leads – it’s a no-brainer. If you want to finally make money in MLM or online in general you need more leads!

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Thanks for reading! I wish you all the success in the world with your home business and generating massive cheap leads!


Erik Christian Johnson

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