5 Best MLM Lead Generation Sources For 2023

5 Best MLM Leads for 2023

One of the most asked questions in network marketing is where do I get leads for my opportunity? That has been the question ever since I started network marketing in 2014. But later on, I went on to generate over 70,000 leads and several different network marketing programs. So I am going to talk about where the best leads are for 2023. 

5 Best MLM Leads for 2023 

So grab a notebook and jot these down because every network marketer should be using these resources because without leads, your business is dead. You don’t even get started. 

In fact, that is why 95% of network marketers quit after 10 years because they can’t keep a steady flow of traffic. 

It is all about recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, and replacing those who quit. That’s just the bottom line. 

I am being very transparent. Forgive me if I am being too raw or too real, but that is network marketing. It’s filling your hopper with lots of prospects, and the more traffic you get the more signups you get. 

So we are going to talk about the top five places for the best MLM leads for 2023: 

Five: MLM Ad Networks

Starting off with number five are MLM ad networks. Now this is a place where you can run ads for your opportunity. You’re in a network with all a bunch of other network marketers and everyone shares their opportunity with each other and it does work because there’s power in exposure and lots of people looking at your opportunity. 

So two places that stand out the most are Leads Leap, where not only can you create an autoresponder for your leads but you can also run your banner ads in their network. Another place is MLM gateway. These guys have been around for over 10 years, you can run ads as well and network with fellow network marketers. 

Four: MLM Blog

Moving on to number four is a mlm blog. This is what I started doing in 2014 because that’s what I saw MLM leaders doing. People like Todd Falcone, Ray Higdon, Randy Gage, Matt Morris, Eric Worre. 

They all had blogs and they wrote MLM articles, and people would find these articles by doing a Google search. And so therefore it is free leads using organic traffic. 

The reason why blogs are not higher on this list is because blogging is very hard. You have to be consistent, you have to love writing, you might have to write 200 to 300 articles for it to finally get enough traffic to get enough leads to your opportunity. 

But that is where I have made most of my money from blog articles. I got pretty lucky with CBD oil before it went mainstream in 2017. I wrote a few CBD MLM company reviews and ranked number one in Google and my life changed. Three to five signups a day just from a few articles, all free traffic, so that was amazing, but it is hard to sustain. You can burn out if you don’t like writing. 

Three: Social Media “Reels”

So moving on to number three is reels. Now you have heard of Facebook and Instagram Reels, but did you know you can also put reels on every other social media platform? 

What I do is I start with a tik tok. I create a 30 second Tick Tock. I then use an app called Snap tick, which removes the watermark on the tik tok. That’s for Android. You’re gonna have to look up the one for iPhone if you want, but it removes the watermark. 

Then I put the video on Facebook reels. I put it on Instagram reels. I also put it on YouTube shorts. If I want you can even put it on Pinterest. I forgot the technique but you can literally put a reel on five platforms for the price of one 30 second video. It gets you out, it gets massive exposure. 

Before I go on, you have to realize you should have your opportunity link in your bio on all your social media platforms so people know where to go. 

The more traffic you get looking at your bio the more people will click on your link and sign up. It’s all about traffic and tik tok is very powerful right now. 

So many people are using it, but they’re actually using three main platforms, they’re using Facebook, tik tok and Instagram to grow their opportunity. 

You have to be careful with tik tok. They don’t like income claims. They don’t want you to say that you can make $100 a day. They don’t want you to say click the link in my bio too aggressively. There’s ways around that so look into it before you hit tik tok because you don’t want to get suspended before you even get started. 

Two: Facebook Post Images

Moving on to number two is Facebook post images. You can post an image on your Facebook which will pique curiosity. Just talk about maybe the three most important or most exciting parts of your MLM opportunity. 

Something like free to sign up. automated system one time payment instant commissions. key phrases like that will get people to ask you for more info and then you send them info through Private Messenger. 

Never put your company website name in a Facebook post because then they’ll just research it on their own and probably sign up with somebody else. 

You just want to pique curiosity with Facebook post images, you want them to get more info and then you email your private message to each person individually. Okay, you can get a lot of leads that way. 

One: Youtube

And then number one, this is where I get a lot of leads and they’re really qualified because they’ve watched me, they feel like they know and trust me, and that is YouTube right now. 

If you’ve watched several of my videos, you have a sense of my personality, my mannerisms, whether you trust me or not, and YouTube is great at establishing trust which you need when people are looking to sign up with a new MLM company. 

I just did a video this morning. Check it out on how to recruit three people a day into your network marketing business. And what I basically said was do company reviews for your company consistently on YouTube. 

One video a day if you can, and eventually your YouTube videos will rank number one for that company and you will get lots of signups but it takes hard work and consistent consistency just like everything else. 

But if you post about 50 videos for your company, you will eventually show up at number one. It’s good to look for an image thumbnail creator, you want them to click through your image so you have to have a catchy thumbnail. I use Picsart to create all my thumbnails. 

My click through rate is really high because I make a funny face. I am holding a wad of cash and so people clicking through a good title is also very important. 

And then for the first five seconds you have to hook them in. Don’t waste time introducing yourself, no one knows you. No one cares about you. You have to hook them in right away by saying what the video is about and how you can help people. 

5 Best MLM Leads for 2023 Recap

So those are the five best places for mlm leads in 2023 Like this video, it really helps the channel out it helps me out a lot. YouTube is a great place for me to post valuable content to help you guys and I make a passive income from YouTube as well. 

And it can be a very exciting place to not only grow your MLM, but to grow a passive income because YouTube will pay you as a YouTube Partner via AdSense ads on your videos after you hit 1000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of video views in the past year.

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