5 Best MLM Landing Page Leads 2023

Best MLM Clicks to Your Landing Pages

Today we are going to talk about the five best MLM places where you can get clicks to your landing pages. So, every MLM user needs to get traffic to a landing page. That is the primary goal. Let’s just cut to the chase, you need to get traffic to get sales, and the more traffic you get, the more sales you get. So we are going to talk about the five best places to get clicks to your landing page for 2023 and beyond. 

5 Best MLM Clicks to Your Landing Pages Sites for 2023 – Read Before Buying Clicks!

This is an example of a landing page ideally, you join a MLM company that has landing pages already created for you, and they have an autoresponder follow up system to email your leads.

Because it might take seven to 15 follow up emails for someone to sign up for your opportunity.

So you definitely want to join a company that has a full market of tools for you, so you can grow a fast downline. 

So I’m going to dive right into the five top sites. All of these sites have been around for quite a while. I’m going to talk about how long they’ve been in business, what their ranking is, what their prices are, and you can decide from there what you want to do. 

So let’s dive right into the 5 Best MLM Clicks to Your Landing Pages Sites.

Five: Udimi 

Udimi is a place where you can get clicks to your landing page. By using a marketplace style dashboard. You can sort vendors by how much they charge per click. The percentage who got who got sales. 

You can narrow down your niche. You can repeat orders, and then ratings and then who got the most sales. So if we click on this we should be the best people. 

The prices start at 40 cents a click all the way up to $2. So if I select $2 and I select 30% got sales, all niches and for repeat orders, I’ll do 20% and they have to have more than 10 ratings and then it shows 37 sellers okay. 

So you can see what their description is. Let’s just click on his ad on his account. So that’s the other thing about Udimi is that a lot of the sellers are not in America, they’re in Asia, Africa, Canada. So keep that in mind. 

You really, really don’t know what you’re getting from these vendors. You have to try them several times. It would be wise to put a link tracking on your link so you know how many clicks you got from this vendor, but it’s really hard to tell the quality unless you get sales and know where they’re coming from. 

But this is how easy it is to order clicks from Udemy. So I’m going to grab my link to my landing page right here, copy it, and I’m going to click on Buy solo. 

Now it’s going to automatically load my last copy of the sales letter that I used. Okay. So let’s just try what I want to do if I want just my link. This is a text I want only to link. So then I’m going to get rid of this one and I’m going to copy and paste my new landing page okay. 

Then all I have to do is I can slide this slider a minimum of 200 clicks. Okay, there are vendors on here where you can get 50 clicks, but he wants to enter clicks minimum and then you can click on only the top tier, which would be countries USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, or you can just leave it unchecked. 

You check only on mobile as well. Right now the total price is $161 if you only want the top tier, it’s going to go up to $181. And then all you do is you click Checkout. You have your link Okay, so you can use PayPal or you can use a credit card. 

That’s how simple it is. Okay, so Udimi has been around for 10 years, their domain authority has a 45. Their spam score is a little high, because there’s a lot of people on here that are spammy, I guess, but the minimum click amount is 40 cents all the way up to $2. Okay, so remember them. 

Four: MLM Leads Com

Moving on to number four is MLMleads .com. These guys are the original. They’ve been around for 25 years. They are hitting their 25 year anniversary. Their domain authority is 35 so they have some website authority in search engines. Their spam score is a little high. But that doesn’t really matter. That’s just their website analytics. It doesn’t mean that they are spammy. 

So if I go to products, they actually sold out of the local clicks. So you gotta click on national clicks, okay. So if you want clicks to your landing page, you go down here to pricing click on that, and they sell 40 cent click minimums, which is you know, 40 clicks is really low, but it’s $1.18 a visitor. 

So the more clicks you buy, the cheaper the clicks. So if you buy 2500 clicks, it is going to average 88 cents a visitor. Then you just select your primary business, and if it’s not listed then you add your company name right here. 

Now some of these places allow you to add instructions. So if your company is brand new, and you want that to be mentioned in the ad, then you could add that, you know in the notes upon checkout, so these guys have been around for a while. Their dashboard is a little outdated, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the leads are outdated. 

They do have a lot of training, okay, they have scripts, if you want to follow up with your leads and you want to use scripts, they have scripts, they have training and they’ve been around the longest these guys are the veterans of leads. Okay, moving on to number three is traffic for me. 

Three: Traffic for Me

Now you pretty much have to create an account to look at the packages. So I’m logged into my account and they have specials, they run specials and then they have their normal clicks. 

All right, they have premium email traffic. They have a fall savings premium click right now. They have fall savings VIP clicks. Now VIP clicks are brand new. But let’s look at the false savings VIP. So you click on that and you go down and 200 VIP email clicks is going to be about 80 cents a click. Right, that’s the lowest for 200 clicks. 

Now it gets down to 70 cents a click if you buy 5000 clicks. Okay. Now the cheapest they offer I believe is the premium email traffic. So you click on that and this starts at 59 cents a click for 500 clicks. Okay, all the way down to 50 cent clicks.

If you order 10,000 clicks. Again, you add your landing page and you let them create the ad. But I think you can leave notes. So if you have special instructions, you can leave a note. 

But if you want them to do the best job that they can, just let them create the ad for you. So again, just copy your landing page and put it in here when you start checking out. 

These guys have been around for nine years. Their domain authority is 36 and their spam score is only a 1% and so they have decent, decent prices. These guys are on the lower side. Okay, you can get 50 cent clicks on here. All the way up to about 88 cents. 

They do have USA only traffic that’s part of you can see the description over here. So if I go to new VIP email traffic, you can see right here the description of the very best quality: all traffic is derived from the freshest and most engaged segments of publishers list. 

This means the visitors are more hot and ready for your offer. These clicks are so fresh that they limit the supply to only 5000 clicks available per week. So these are fresh hot off the press. 

Two: Lead Power 

Okay, moving on to number two is Lead Power. These guys just launched clicks to landing pages all right. These guys are 16 years old. They have a domain authority of 24 kinds of law. Their spam is only 1% which is really good. And they have if you scroll down here get super clicks. 

Their Packages start at 75 clicks for 94 cents a click. So that’s a little bit more expensive. Then the other places actually. It’s cheaper than MLM leads com but it’s not as cheap as traffic for me. So it’s in the middle. 

All right, so you can get 20 you can get 75 clicks for 94 cents a click all the way down to 82 cents a click for 1500 clicks. Okay, now these guys have awesome training. 

They have a really nice website and they train you how to talk to your prospects. And if you click the link under this video, you can get 10 Free real time interview leads if you sign up with these guys, so I’ll leave a link under the video. Definitely check these guys out. Number one is: 

One: Traffic Authority

These guys are the most talked about amongst MLM errs and affiliate marketers they’re a little on the spending side but these are real hot clicks and that is Traffic Authority. Again, you have to sign up to see the order packages. 

I’ll leave a link under this video. The Basic package starts out at 170 clicks to 190 clicks. It’s $220. So it’s a little more than $1. A click delivery time is 14 to 28 days. 

So that means that they literally come in, they’re fresh, they’re hot, they’re brand new, and they’ll deliver them to you. That’s why they allow 14 to 28 days because they are generating the leads in real time. 

I’m sorry 170 to 190 clicks that come from their email marketing efforts. Okay. Now, keep in mind that Udemi a lot of these guys are emailing their market. They’re emailing their list. 

Okay, so you can get clicks from these guys. They’re doing email marketing as well. But you don’t know how worn down their list is. How many times have they emailed their list? Okay, you really need to look at people that are renewing their list. 

Like this guy. He says in his description that it’s US traffic 97% Is Us traffic and he gets 600 to 700 Fresh subscribers daily. So you know that he is constantly renewing his list. But you still don’t know what these guys are doing. I mean, if you click on him he’s out of Latvia. 

All right. So I don’t I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t I don’t know. I’ve never used this guy and he’s in Latvia. Okay, so I want us clicks even though he says he gets us clicks. I don’t have a track record. You know, a lot of these reviews about these sellers say that they got no sales. You know, they’re like, I didn’t get any sales this time. But I got some subscribers out of it. 

So you really don’t know. In fact, the last time I used these guys, I was researching the leads as I was getting them. I googled the names of the leads, and three out of five of the leads they were in the obituaries on Google. So some dude in Asia who sold me the clicks. He was just getting info from obituaries from Google. 

Best MLM Clicks to Your Landing Pages

So you really have to be careful. You get what you pay for. All right. So if you’re only going to spend 40 cents on clicks, you’re gonna get what you pay for. You might not get anything but with someone like lead power that generates 100,000 leads a month and they’re in the US tier one USA only traffic. 

These guys have been around since 98. If you look down here, there’s testimonials from real network marketers. Let me show you a couple. This guy is in ctfo. He had a great run. This guy is a 30 year MLM veteran. He said he was blown away. Legal Shield this guy’s in legal shield. He is a CTFO distributor. Let’s see here. Any other names so I mean, that’s pretty transparent. 

And then the Traffic Authority. These guys are the authority. You have to pay more. But they’re vetting the leads. They’re they’re doing email marketing, and they are giving them to you as they’re generated from their email. Marketing. 

5 Best MLM Clicks to Your Landing Pages in 2023

Okay. So those are the top five places to get clicks to your landing page. Now, you don’t want to be, you don’t want to break the bank right. So the thing that helps conversion rate is not only having an email follow up system with the company you’re in. 

But if you can reach out to your new leads, the first within the first hour that they sign up, say hey, I saw you took a look at my opportunity. Do you have any questions? How much are you looking for to make each month? How much are you willing to spend? How much time are you willing to invest per week in this opportunity? Do you have any internet marketing experience? Okay, just do a mini interview. 

If you get them on the phone. So that is it for today guys on MLM lead gen. The more clicks you get the more traffic you get to your landing page. The more signups you get. It is that simple to boost your network marketing success. Okay, so thank you for watching/reading. Click the links below to get the best MLM clicks and lead generation to your landing pages!

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