3 New Affiliate Programs that Pay 100% Commissions INSTANTLY!

New Affiliate Programs

Today, I am going to talk about three new affiliate programs that are really hot right now. There is a new trend happening where these affiliate programs are paying instant commissions. So there are many ways you can get paid but it is basically person to person so there is no more middleman. People that sign up for these programs usually pay the sponsor directly through PayPal, stripe, Cash App, there’s many others. So, let’s dive right in.

3 New Affiliate Programs that Pay 100% Commissions INSTANTLY! (2022)

So these are the new breed of affiliate programs that are really hot right now. So I am going to go over the three newest affiliate programs so stay till the very end because I’m going to talk about how to promote these for free. 

So the first one I am going to start with the lowest priced one and work my way up to the highest priced one. So the first one is called list infinity. 

One: List Infinity

These guys have been around for about six months, and it is either $10 or $100 to sign up now. There is a free join option but you can’t make commissions with that. 

With that said, look around the dashboard and use the autoresponders to collect leads. However, you cannot promote it as a platform on its own and make commissions as a free member. 

So you can sign up as a $10 member and that will allow you to make $10 commissions from anyone you share it with. But, if anyone signs up under you at the $100 level, that commission will pass up to your sponsor. 

So I would definitely go all in and buy the Pro Membership for $100 one-time. I would go all in with any of these programs because you want to make the maximum amount of commissions. You don’t want to leave any money on the table. 

So if you can go all in, I signed up at the $100 level and it allows me to collect $100 commissions or $10 commissions as well. 

List Infinity Helps Build Your Email List

The thing I like about list infinity is it helps you create an email list that helps you collect leads. Now if you want to do affiliate marketing full time and make serious money, it is all about creating a list of leads because then you can email them every day with your opportunity. 

It takes 7 to 15 times for someone to actually pull the trigger. It is very rare that someone gives you money from the very first day so it is great to have an autoresponder and to start collecting a list of people that have joined you. 

How Pro Affiliate Marketers Make Big Money Fast

That is how affiliate marketers make big money when they sign up with a new program. They already have a list of 1000s of subscribers that they can email the new opportunity to and that is how they make a lot of money, you know from day one. 

Then what they do is they put their income proof on a YouTube video like this. So a lot of people are doing income proof videos even though it’s kind of borderline against compliance. 

You definitely have to have a disclaimer if you do income proof videos, definitely say results may vary. You might not make anything with this opportunity. It depends on you knowing your skills and your effort and what you put into it. 

Two: Infinity Processing System

So, moving on. Number two is the Infinity Processing System. Now these guys are pretty new as well and they are trending. There is a lot of interest right now and there are a lot of videos about it. 

These guys have several different membership levels that you can sign up to starting out at $50 and all the way up to $300. So you can make $50 instant payment commissions or you can get $300 Instant commissions with this one. 

They also accept Paypal, Cash App, all the usual suspects for instant commissions. What I like about these guys is they are a legit social media promotion platform. They teach you how to post ads on social media to make a lot of money with this platform. 

It is also 100% commissions, so you can get the full $300 instantly when someone signs up with you. So that is definitely a program worth looking into. 

Three: Digital Wealth Pros

Then the newest one. Number three is called Digital Wealth Pros. These guys have three joining options as well; they have a $200 option, $400 option and an $800 option which they added this week. 

So these guys also have social media training. They teach you how to do social media. You know how to generate leads with social media, etc. So all of these affiliate programs have kind of the same concept. 

All these programs have an auto responder built in so for example, if you buy the $300 level in infinity processing systems, they have a 30 day autoresponder that will email your leads for you. 

Digital Wealth Pros are the same way: they have an email autoresponder, they give you landing pages, you just share your links and they have a 30 day auto responder system as well. 

Digital Wealth Pros also have a call center which will literally call your leads as you generate them and when the call center actually reaches out and connects with one of your leads you will get an email notification that they are talking to your lead at this very moment. So that is really cool. 

Creating a Value Ladder of All Three Programs

So if I were you, this is kind of like a value ladder technique. What I would do is sign up to list infinity first at the $100 level. I will leave a link under this article. 

Get to know the dashboard, look around all the tabs. You can also set up multiple income streams, you can set up Aweber and promote that within the dashboard. You can also set up clickmagick and Udemi which is a solo ad Vendor site. 

So you can get multiple income streams with list infinity, but you can also learn how to set up getresponse or AWeber and start developing a list. After you connect your autoresponder you can use one of the landing pages they give you and it will go directly to your autoresponder. 

So you are going to want to set up your emails. Now what is great about list infinity is they give you 30 email swipes that you can import instantly into Aweber or manually add into your Getresponse. 

I prefer Getresponse. That is just my preference. With Aweber I had a little difficulty with it. It slowed me down, but now I am in Getresponse so you can connect your autoresponder and start building your list with list infinity and just share your link once you set up your autoresponder. 

You can also buy solo ads within the system. They list their top vendors on Udemi if you want to do so and then when you get your money back, when you promote it and you start making $100, $200, to $300 which could take you anywhere from a week to three months depending on your list and your followers on social media. 

When you get $300 with it, buy the top level in infinity processing systems, buy the $300 level then you get those landing pages that you can share and it’s connected to a 30 day autoresponder. 

Then when you make up to $800 then you can buy the top level in digital wealth Pro. So you are in all three and you are going to have three different joining levels for all of your followers. And you can ask them what they are looking for and how much they can afford. 

3 New Affiliate Programs that Pay 100% Commissions Recap

So list infinity is the lowest at $10. The lowest for Infinity processing systems is I believe $50 and then the lowest for digital wealth pros is 200. 

Again, you want with these platforms, you want to try to go all in so you can make all the commissions they offer. But what I’m saying is if you sign up to all of these opportunities at the different levels, then you can offer different level packages to all of your followers. 

If they don’t have a lot of money then you can offer the $10 membership in list infinity; if they want to go all in and they have a lot of money say hey, do digital wealth pros for $800. 

All of these programs are instant 100% commissions. I hope you liked this review on top fast affiliate sales platforms. I will do another one where I have shared my screenshots of each platform. But right now I’ll leave a link. So you can sign up with list infinity and I might leave another link in the future but list infinity is where you should start. 

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