3 Reasons Why I Joined List Infinity

List Infinity Review

Today, I will talk about the 3 main reasons why I joined List Infinity Review. This is something that is super powerful. I have been approached about it probably four times in the last three months, and I always just kind of stopped and I was like, I will think about it, but I don’t know. But now, it was the right time to join List Infinity opportunity after reviewing it in greater detail. 

3 Main Reasons Why I Joined List Infinity Review

My friend approached me last night about it, and the reason why I joined him was because I want the email swipes that List Infinity gives you because I am trying to build a list. If you want to do affiliate marketing and make serious money, you have to start building a list. Here’s the full scoop about List Infinity Review.

I just built my email list last week, and so my buddy was like, if you sign up with List Infinity you can get 100 emails for your autoresponder – and that is kind of what took me over the edge and I finally was like, Alright, I am going do it. 

3 Main Reasons to Join List Infinity

I will just get into the three reasons why I signed up. The first reason is that there is only a one time payment to join. List Infinity has three joining options. There is free, there is the $10 membership and there is a $100 membership, and I went for it and did the $100 membership because it is a one time fee. 

Plus you can pay through PayPal, and I already have PayPal credit. I have a few hundred lying around of PayPal credit. So I was like I will just use my PayPal credit. 

So I signed up and that’s it. You don’t have to do autoships, you don’t have to buy a product every month; you don’t have to get upsold to these expensive affiliate marketing programs that don’t work. 

It is a one time payment you’re in and then when you get commissions, you can break even after one sale. You get your $100 back and your even and then just keep selling it over and over and make these $100 payments instantly. 

List Infinity Pays 100% Commissions Instantly

So that brings me on to point number two is you get instant payments, 100% commissions. So not only do you just buy the program once, but then you start getting instant payments through Paypal or Stripe, and it is so easy to set up. 

After you sign up to List Infinity, you just go to Account Settings, go to payment preferences, and you add your paypal email and if you want Stripe, you can add your Stripe account details, then hit Save, and you can start accepting payments. 

So the first payment of 100% commissions goes to you. Then there’s an admin fee that goes to the site creator, and that’s it. You are done. So that’s number two is you get instant 100% commissions. 

To recap so far: Number one is it’s a one time price to join. Number two it is instant commissions of 100% through Paypal or Stripe. Number three is you get 100 email swipes that you can use for your autoresponder. 

List Infinity Email Swipes

So this program has the ability to connect your autoresponder you can use Getresponse, Aweber, and there’s two more. I don’t remember what their names were. 

But if you want to start building an email list List Infinity is the way to go. There’s plenty of tutorials on how to set up getresponse or Aweber. But they give you all the emails. All you have to do is copy and paste it, put it into your auto responder, and you can start doing a follow up email series to your leads. 

We also get amazing high converting landing pages with this platform. So you can use those landing pages with your autoresponder as well or use the stock landing page that comes already made for you. 

Your affiliate link is already in there with your user ID. So you can start sharing your link right out of the gate. And there are so many other features to list infinity besides the high converting landing pages, there are vacations, you can win trips. There are masterminds as well.

List Infinity Multiple Income Streams

There are multiple income streams because when you get a sign up, they are going to see a dashboard, and then to the left there are banners to other platforms like Udimi solo ads, and then there are also two more banners. 

And if you sign up to the $100 membership, then those banners actually are cookied to us. So if all of your members look to the left and click on those banners, and they buy something through those banners, then you get those commissions as well. So there are at least four to five income streams in the dashboard itself. 

Money is in the List Infinity

Then if you set up your getresponse or Aweber then your leads are going to keep getting follow ups because they say it takes 7 to 15 times for someone to actually buy something from you. 

So you don’t want to just rely on the company to email your leads. I think the company does email your leads, but I only got one email so I’m not sure if they are going to keep emailing me or not, because I already upgraded. I don’t know, but you definitely want to have your own follow up system as well. 

List Infinity Review Conclusion

So those are the three reasons I signed up: Number one, it is only a one time fee; Number two, it is instant commissions 100% through PayPal or Stripe; and Number three, you can build an email list Finally. I have waited 10 years to create an email list, and this platform is pretty much, that is what it is about. It is building a list. That is why it is called list infinity, you can build infinite income!

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