Best Fuel Additive Tabs MLM

Today I am going to talk about the three best fuel additive tabs MLM opportunities. You know, it is the hottest product right now because obviously gas prices are through the roof, and I thought I would jump on here and list the top three companies right now. I know that there are going to be more companies coming out very soon with cutting edge fuel supplements. So watch this blog. 

3 Best Fuel Additive Tabs MLM Opportunities

I haven’t made a final decision on which one I want to join. I have joined a couple. I am going to go through what I have found out so far. But come back to this channel and see what I have finally decided so the first one number three is called be epic. 

Three) B-Epic B-Eco Fuel Tabs MLM

These guys have been around for a few years and they just rebranded or relaunched as B-Eco and one of their supplements is fuel tabs. So it is the eco fuel tabs. See optimum results after just two to three uses each fuel tablet treats 15 to 20 gallons. 

Now I did join these guys and I didn’t have the greatest experience. One of my links did not work and it was blocked by my Malwarebytes as reported as a phishing site. I tried contacting support and their email came back as not found. 

So I wasn’t too happy with the beginning of my experience with b-epic. That is just my experience. I am not putting the company down. I am just saying that as a user I was not happy. 

Two) Xcelerate Fuel Tabs

Okay, so moving on to number two is there is a new company called Xcelerate that literally just launched I think two weeks ago. What I like about them is the website is very nice and it has a 3×8 matrix and if you join early enough in the matrix, it can pay off big because even if you don’t recruit, you can make money from spillover from your sponsor. 

So if your sponsor is a big recruiter, and they start filling up the matrix, you can earn down three levels in the matrix. I think it is 27 spots in the matrix or 24 spots. It is a three by eight matrix. You can literally make $3 a spot. 

But if you want to open up the full matrix you have to do $60 a month and that company is called Xcelerate. All right. So the other thing that I found out about Xcelerate, I don’t know if this is 100% accurate, is that you have to build a funnel system on top of this program, just like b-epic. 

B-epic uses a third party system called the power funnel system, I believe, so you have to sign up to b-epic, then you have to sign up to the power funnel system. I do not like companies where you have to sign up to several different platforms to make it work. 

I am from a company that had everything in one website, a couple of companies all right, and that is the way it should be. But b-epic and Xcelerate you have to sign up to a third party funnel system and create landing pages. 

The other thing that throws me off a little bit is that I don’t know what this means. But if you look down here, it looks like there is an interface of code you know if I open this up. There are queries, there is route, there are models, and there are gate sessions request. 

This literally looks like something for the programmer of the company, and you know if this company is only two weeks old, then that is fine. You know, glitches always happen. And there are all these different issues. 

But as far as the website looks, it is very nice, but already I can tell that leaders are setting up third party landing pages and funnels, so obviously the company does not have an email follow up system. That is what I gather I could be wrong. This is for educational purposes only. 

One) Fuel Factor X by My Daily Choice

Number one is My Daily Choice. These guys launched fuel factor X, I believe in April. All right, I can’t show you the landing page. I don’t know where it is. You know, I was my daily choice for five years. I did very well with CBD oil, made a couple six figures with my daily choice, and Josh and Jenna’s Zwagle are excellent network marketers. 

Josh is always coming up with new products before anyone else. And it is a complete system with auto responder and landing pages. They have over 50 landing pages. Everything is inside one dashboard. So it is definitely the most robust MLM company. 

I am not in this company anymore. I had my own reasons and issues with the company. A lot of people come up with issues after a few years in any MLM company and leaders just pack it up and move on but CBD was saturated and I didn’t really see a reason to use fuel factor yet. 

So those are my three fuel tab MLM companies. Those are my three right now. I think there is going to be many more coming out soon. Like I said, follow this blog and see what I finally choose because it is still a hot market. But I tell you the competitors are coming out of the woodwork for this. It is the next best thing since CBD oil or crypto in my opinion.

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